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David Himmel

David Himmel is an author, playwright and editor.

His book, A Camp Story (The History Press, 2012), is worth the read, and his plays, often strongly steeped in humor, have been performed in a variety of Chicago theaters including The Second City. He is an associate artist with the Fine Print Theatre. In November 2014, his story “Bravisimo” was published in The Anthology of Cozy-Noir (Darkhouse Books). He is the head writer of the award-winning comedy web series Greetings! From Prison (Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Series Premise; 2015 L.A. WebFest) and is editor in chief of Chicago Health magazine. Many of his works have appeared in magazines throughout the United States. He is often a featured performer at various live-lit shows throughout Chicago and has been a guest lecturer to university creative writing classes.

As a mercenary as a copywriter, and marketing and brand strategist, he has worked with international, national and regional companies in a variety of industries. Himmel has served as the in-house brand manager for an international consumer products company and has managed brand activation and written for B2C as well as B2B on an agency level. He currently works closely with the strategic leadership, fund development and communications firm Latz & Wall and the creative marketing agency Damen Jackson.

Himmel serves on the Associate Board of Directors at Gilda’s Club Chicago, a free cancer support community for lives who have been touched by cancer. Additionally, he has sung with Judy Collins, produced for HBO, had lunch with Dick Cheney and was once beaten up by a girl. Despite all that, he is generally known as a sweet guy. He lives with a dog and a girlfriend in Chicago.

David discusses the lessons learned from his skin cancer on WGN TV

Recent Work

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Winner: Outstanding Writing & Series Premise — LA Webfest 2015


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